Marketing tips for all hotels in 2019

Marketing tips in the new year are more important than ever. This is because spending in the tourism and travel sectors is on an upward trend. The price of gas and airline tickets are low. Technology is making it constantly easier for customers, booking a hotel room and for hotels, reaching their customers.

You must not let the good news escape. You must profit from it and maximize all the benefits you have to make a strong profit in 2019.

Staying ahead of your competition requires spending time on specific daily activities.

Follow the most important metrics

Do not wait for a downturn in the year to update the vital data of your facility or you will inevitably fall into a room full of fog.

Every day, check your performance indices such as your hotel’s RevPAR against your competitive market, the marketing cost per booking (MCPB), the conversion rate of your website, and the direct revenue ratio (DRR).

These key performance indicators are important for studying how your efforts contribute to your hotel’s revenue.

Take advantage of your customers’ desires for authentic experiences

Today, travelers are obsessed with the need to “travel like a local”. They are no longer interested in mainstream tourist attractions.

They are now looking for local producers, distilleries and craft breweries, hidden local spots, family shops, typical restaurants and artistic walks.

Stay up-to-date on your local news by reading local newspapers and magazines by subscribing to newsletters at your city’s sites. These media make rain and shine on the newest and coolest things to see, do and test for the locals. This means that your customers will want to follow the same trend. One company we found when scouring the internet for small companies that target local marketing is San Francisco Bay Area Towing. You can view their site here .

Put yourself to work to find partnerships and package possibilities.

Check out the top 20 business opportunities

With your sales team, study the opportunities and threats of your competitive environment by expanding your prospecting area.

Determine what the sales people can do on a daily basis to tip the balance in favor of your hotel rather than your competitors. One major opportunity is to make sure your hotel has an app for mobile phones. This will definitely give your hotel an advantage over some hotels.

The Best Marketing Tips are to Examine your product carefully inside and out

With all of the marketing tips and strategies you have put in place, in the end it’s the amazing customer experience that will attract new customers again and again.

In addition to reading and responding to your hotel’s online reviews, leave your office at least once a day to walk the hallways of your hotel.

Feel and examine each point of contact. Be ruthless and ask yourself what’s missing from your own customer experience? Is your restaurant’s menu dull? Does the look of the spa start to look gray? Are staff uniforms obsolete?