Great reasons to work in the hotel industry

The restaurant and hotel industry makes everyone happy. Between escape and surpassing oneself, a career in this field can be a superb experience.

Before landing in the hotel industry

Before embarking on a career in the hotel industry, training is absolutely essential. In some trades, apprenticeships are somewhat limited or very expensive, whereas hotels and restaurants offer more flexibility. Apprenticeships are dense in the vast majority of the world. You will have a glimpse of the international dimension of this industry even before starting your studies.

The hospitality industry involves a large number of challenges

The professions related to the hotel and restaurant industry are rich in challenges. Lets begin with the working hours. Far from rush hours in public transport, professionals in the hotel and catering industry have varied hours and can avoid rush hour on many of their shifts.

Work pace, offbeat schedules and versatility are some of the challenges faced by hotel group staff all the time. This is at all levels of employment. The room staff to waiters through the booking agents, each member of these teams noted many challenges.

A profession that allows you to take responsibility

You will soon realize the responsibilities that accompany your job. Whether you work in a hotel or in a restaurant, you will contribute to the quality of the moment offered to the clientele of the establishment. This job also gives you the pleasant satisfaction of having helped people you do not know to have a good time. We can therefore speak of a domain that is demanding and rewarding in return.

The hotel industry helps you develop soft skills

Creativity, flexibility, open-mindedness, versatility, team spirit … These are the soft skills that you will develop as you pursue your career in the hotel industry. All this, thanks to all the experiences and tasks that you will perform as part of your job. As you probably already know, the hotel industry will invite you to occupy several positions within a few years. These positions can include reception to concierge as well as the reservations department.

Let’s talk about salary

Finally, since the hotel industry is a world where it is possible to evolve and rise in rank rather quickly, it goes without saying that the salary also follows. Of course, the amounts are variable depending on the type of hotel and the position occupied. Also, internships in hotels usually offer an interesting remuneration. To these amounts, one can also add bonuses and tips according to the position occupied.

As an example of a hotel that you would strive to work for, could be the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. This hotel is the epitome of luxury and class. Only people that demand the best will choose to stay at this hotel.