Functions any hotel app must have

n our time, it is difficult to be a hotelier. Not only do we have to fight against the dominance of OTAs for customer loyalty; but the technological revolution has made communication with travelers more difficult. This is due to customers prefering to find information and solve their problems on the Internet themselves. A hotel app is a good way to for a hotel to stay up to date with reservations; as well as overall customer experience.

It is much harder for hoteliers to communicate with this new type of traveler ( the silent traveler ). Can technology solve this growing problem?

By presenting customers with their own mobile application, a hotel can offer them everything their customers want and need. More importantly they can offer it all in one place.

Here’s our guide to what any hotel app should have:

A personalized presentation of the hotel and its services

An app can provide a hotel an effective way to communicate with its customers.

If the hotel presents itself with beautiful images and texts, the hotel becomes less distant and more accessible. This reinforces its relationship with the traveler. Remember, each hotel is different from another, therefore each application must be course be tailor-made.

Does this sound obvious to you? It is! However, in the case of digital hospitality it is undoubtedly one of the most important things.

With a friendly welcome from the hotel app, the hotel has already made a good impression. As the saying goes … we have only one opportunity to make a good impression.

An instant messenger

It is important to mention, once again, that communication is essential for any hotelier. A new generation of silent travelers now exists. They are tech-savvy individuals who prefer to look for information on their own. They solve their problems by visiting the Internet on their device instead of communicating verbally with the reception. Thus, a hotel must have a robust, intuitive and user-friendly messaging system, with which customers can communicate their problems, ask questions and generally feel closer to the hotel staff. .

Automated messages available in multiple languages to eliminate a possible language barrier will undoubtedly increase customer satisfaction!

An offline map

Problems with an unreliable Wi-Fi? Want local tourist information with you? No problem! As a result of offline access, all this essential information can be carried with you. This is particularly appreciated by those who travel abroad and who want to avoid an additional roaming fee.

In the end, what a hotelier is looking for is the guarantee of a future stay and a mobile customer relationship application is the best way to convert this customer satisfaction into a permanent loyalty. Anyone who works in the hotel industry is bound to have their hotel’s app downloaded on their phone. This is due to the fact it makes for a great resource if any patrons have a question the employee doesn’t know the answer to.